Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews

Smokeless CigarettesSmokeless cigarettes have certainly made a name for themselves in the world of tobacco and tobacco products. Many people have turned to these innovative versions of traditional products in hopes of leading a healthier life or, for some, quitting all together. However, the question remains, how much of this information is truth and how much is fiction. Filtering out the facts may be more of an endeavor than you bargained for. Here are some of the facts about smokeless, or electronic cigarettes, any potential user should know.

Smokeless cigarettes have become as hot as the Chia pet trend in the ’70s. You can find them everywhere, in every flavor and every style that you can imagine. However, distinguishing the good from the bad can be a challenge. Understanding what to look for is crucial to buying a great product.

What is a Smokeless Cigarette?

These Smokeless Cigarettes look and feel like a traditional cigarette, minus a few key components. Unlike traditional cigarettes, there do not contain harmful additives and the vapor that is produced is harmless to innocent by-standers. In most versions the main parts of the electronic cigarette include:

  • Flavor cartridge/Mouthpiece
  • Atomizer, which is the heating element in the cigarette
  • Battery
  • Light-up tip (so you know it’s working)
  • Carrying case
  • There are some versions that are disposable while others come with rechargeable battery packs for continual use

Benefits of a Smokeless Cigarette

CaptureFirst of all, it is important to know that the electronic cigarette has never been submitted to the FDA for testing or approval. This leaves much to speculation and private scientific studies. However, for most smokers any improvement is worth a shot. The fact is that thousands of people have claimed to cut back or quit the habit all-together with the aid of a smokeless cigarette. Other benefits of this product include:

  • No harmful additives such as PPOs, tar, carcinogens
  • No harmful second-hand smoke

Additionally, many people claim when they light a traditional cigarette they feel obligated to finish the whole thing. If they do not, they feel as though they are wasting money.

Due to the continual use of the e-cigarette users get less nicotine each use.

Why Choose a Smokeless Cigarette?

Despite the potential health benefits of the smokeless cigarettes there are several other reasons to choose this version. Due to no feeling of obligation to finish the whole thing, you can make the smokeless cigarette last much longer than the traditional ones and save thousands of dollars a year. Also, many of these cigarettes are able to be smoked indoors, even in “no smoking” zones. They are not harmful to others and keep users lungs healthier than the traditional versions, which are laced with harmful chemicals that have been proven to send people to an early grave.

Choosing an e-cigarette is a smart option, which can have both health and financial benefits. Additionally, they are more convenient and able to go more places than traditional cigarettes. Electronic, smokeless cigarettes are truly an innovative product, which have take the tobacco world by storm and making a true impact on many lives.

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