More than ever traditional cigarette smoking is frowned upon by society. With all of the new rules and regulations against smokers, wouldn't it be nice if there was a socially acceptable alternative? Fortunately for smokers there is such an alternative, the Apollo eCigarette.


ECigarettes are fantastic alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, with ecigarettes there is no offensive odor, no flame, no ash, no tar and most impressively no second hand smoke. Ecigarettes work without flame by vaporizing oil held in a cartridge, nothing is actually getting burned and no smoke is produced only vapor. Because there is no second hand smoke eCigarettes can be used many places where tobacco cigarettes are not permitted, such as restaurants, bars, lounges, buses and other public places where smoking was banned years ago.

Pros And Cons

The pros of using an E cigarette are plentiful; they can be used almost everywhere, there is no second hand smoke, there are fewer negative health effects as compared to tobacco cigarettes, conveniently they do not need matches or a lighter. Despite an overwhelming number of pros, there are some cons to using an electronic cigarette. Although the flavor is very close to regular tobacco, those who have a favorite brand of tobacco will not be able to get the exact same flavor in an ecigarette. The cartridges of oil that ecigarettes use are usually only available online, they are not nearly as readily available as tobacco cigarettes which are widely available. Also, ecigarettes run on a rechargeable battery, once the battery goes dead the ecigarette cannot be used until it is charged again.

What To Expect

Apollos and most other ecigarettes are sold in starter kits which come with everything you need to get started. The standard Apollo starter kit comes with the ecigarette, two batteries, a package of cartridges (also called cartomizers), a wall charger, a USB charger and a portable charger. There are several other starter kits available which include different accessories.


People who have tried the Apollo ecigarette are singing its praises. Not only do users love the fact it is less unhealthy due to the fact that there is no tar, but they say that after a week they have no desire to go back to tobacco cigarettes.

How To Order & Cost

Ecigarettes can be ordered from Apollo's website and shipped anywhere in the United States. The price varies from $55 to $100 depending on on the model and starter kit.

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