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Apollo e-Cig ReviewElectronic cigarettes have been around for decades, but many do not realise the freedom that comes with smoking them everywhere – clubs and bars, restaurants, airports and offices. Even nurses smoke e-cigarettes in hospitals. E-cigarettes are battery-powered, heating up liquid nicotine in the tube to create realistic smoke vapours that are inhaled by users. Besides being healthier alternatives to traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are also cheaper and gradually reduce tobacco dependence. Of the recent e-cigs to enter the market, amber e cig’s premium electronic cigarettes have made the biggest splash among e-cigarette smokers.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

With amber e cigs, Buyers can still get their nicotine fixes, without being ostracised from company for bad breath, dirty tar, and cigarette ash. Its e-cigarettes enable safe smoking indoors around friends and family, as well as to many public places that prohibit traditional smoking. Amber e cig’s nicotine cartridges also negate the need for lighters and avoids creating the bad smells that often emanate off traditional smokers. A single pack of its long lasting nicotine-flavoured cartridges can rival the experience provided smoking expensive brand-name equivalents.


Its affordable starter kit has saved users thousands of dollars in a single year of usage. Besides a lifetime warranty, amber e cig offers users 100% satisfaction guarantee on its products. The starter kit features a stainless atomizer with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, seven nicotine cartridges, a hard plastic carrying case, a designer display box for the trendy, as well as USB and wall charger to ensure smokers never run out of amber e cigs, no matter where they may be.

How do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

While e-cigarettes are not government regulated and can thus be smoked everywhere and anywhere, all e-cigs do not receive the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval. And because they still do contain nicotine, similar legal requirements apply to users such as the legal smoking age. This differs by state, and a few states actually ban purchase of cigarettes online so users should check the terms and conditions before placing an order.

Customer experience

Thus far, feedback has been largely positive and very encouraging for amber e cig, with users enjoying the freedom without the usual social stigma attached to smokers and the ability to smoke at any social gathering, at cinemas, concert halls and cafes. Others have lauded amber e cig’s professionalism; quick and high-quality service the team has given in delivery and answering customer queries. Customers are generally satisfied with the product, which looks, feels and tastes like traditional cigarettes.

All in all, amber e cig’s starter kit seems like a good buy, especially for smokers looking to cut down the bad effects of traditional cigarette smoking like bad breath, ash and tar as well and those who need to smoke safely everywhere they go.


If you wish to keep it, your credit card will be charged an amount of $109.67 for the kit that was sent, plus an additional $59.67 every month for your refill cartridges.


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