Electronic Cigarette Free Trial

ignitecigMany electronic cigarette firms are providing free trial and e-cigarette samples to smokers. These offers are made to new electronic cigarette users and in many circumstances; the electronic cigarettes are also offered for free to enable the smoker to sample the product. In a similar way, some firms give smokers replacement electronic cigarette cartridges on weekly or monthly basis. These firms understand that smokers are worry of tobacco alternatives and because e-cigarette industry is still growing, free electronic samples and free trials are offered to new users.

Benefits of free trials

When you place an order for e-cigs, the firm giving the product usually put the customers in an automatic shipping membership. This is usually not a problem in most cases, because you will be able to enjoy the offer given and continue to make your purchase. The good news is that, users who are unsatisfied with the product can cancel this trial period by following the due process.


  • It is proven to be less hazardous in comparison to the traditional cigarette and can greatly minimize the chances of fire outbreaks because electronic cigarettes do not require a lighter or a match to be used.
  • Through electronic cigarette trial kit, users will be in a position to attempt and experience using the product.
  • It is very cheap in comparison to purchasing the starter kit and you can get it for only $4.95.
  • The trial offer greatly decreases the confusion involved in whether to purchase e-cigarettes or not because it can be obtained at a very low price.
  • The trial kit is fantastic for the new and curious electronic cigarette users.


  • Trial kit package contains only few basic electronic cigarette items like cartridges. Therefore, it is unsatisfactory to heavy smokers.
  • To make a free trial offer you simply need to login to an electronic cigarette website and follow the basic procedures. You will be required to pay $4.95 which carters for handling and shipping costs.


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