Hookah Pen Starter Kit

Hookah PenWith technology and its growth, so many things are quickly changing. Teenagers are forever on the lookout for new things that they want to experiment. They have now got a new toy to use, and hookah pen is making a kill among the teens. Talk about e-smoking and you won’t rule the availability of hookah pen. The use of these pens also called vaporizer pen has become the new way and meant for most teens to get high in the streets. So, what are these hookah pens?

E Hookah Starter Kit

Hookah pens are said to be some e-cigarettes that get made of three main parts including the cartridge used as the mouthpiece, the atomizer that is for heating and then the battery. Whenever you wish to use the hookah pen, you heat the liquid stored on the cartridge using the atomizer turning it into vapor and then place the cartridge in the mouth. Its lithium-ion battery may be one that is replaceable depending on the model. Other components of the hookah pen include the seal for keeping the liquid fresh, the microprocessor for controlling the atomizer and the LED indicator that activates showing that the pen is functioning.

Main ingredients commonly used for coming up with the vapor for smoking include flavoring, glycerin, and propylene glycol. You will also find these familiar flavors that include strawberry, apple, peach, blueberry, grape, and coffee.



Though a lot of controversy and confusion surrounds this product, some of the things associated with it seem to point to the negative side and include the following

  • The smoke contains high levels of toxins and has nicotine just like cigarettes. It poses a lot of health problems ranging from bladder, oral and lung cancer.
  • More toxins get taken in than in cigarette, and the tobacco juice is more irritating to the mouth and increases oral cancer risks.
  • It might result in decreased fertility in women likely to give underweight babies who also might have respiratory diseases.
  • The sharing of hookah pen may lead to infection transfer and spread of diseases from one smoker to another.
  • Some flavors produce carbon monoxide that increases the risk of heart and lung diseases.
  • The use of hookah pen can be addictive.



By using the Hookah Coals Company products, the company hopes to give smokers a different way from the traditional smoking. Their e-liquid products are made with natural ingredients and made to meet top safety regulations and rules. The company hopes to provide a safer health lifestyle as compared to traditional smoking. Expect to get some of the best E-Liquid selections from Hookah Coal. Some of the products include a large variety of hookahs, E-hookah pens, E-liquid and Vape pen accessories.


The hookah pen can get purchased from smoke shops, supermarkets, and petrol stations and goes for a price of seven and ten US dollar. There’s currently no law against the purchasing of e-cigarette or even e-hookah pens. The use of hookah pens continues to be controversial, and legislation to have a limit on age is under review.


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