We completely agree with this fact that you privacy is highly important for you and we also respect your privacy, but while you visit our website or when your purchase some product from our website, we gather some of your personal data. This data or information may include your IP address, your browsing behavior on our site and your personal information that you shared with us on our site. We can are free to use this gathered data for any of our services or improvement of services.

Protection of information: We can assure you that all the collected information will always remain with us and we will never sell it to any third party for any commercial purpose. All of your private information will always remain with us or our trusted allies only

Sharing of Information: We never share any of the collected data to anyone but sometime we might need to share some information with government authorities to prevent fraud or any other criminal activities. In case of any fraud activity we may also share these information to those organizations that are helping us to fight against fraud, but uses of this information sharing will solely for non business use only.

Changes to this policy: we carefully design our privacy policy but if we find any flaw in it or if we feel any changes are required in this policy, we are free to make changes in our privacy policy any time without informing anyone about any changes.

Agreement to terms: To use our website you need to be more than 18 year and you also need to agree with our privacy policy. In case you have a problem with it please feel free to leave the website. If you still continue to use our website than we assume you do not have any problem with any of our policy and you agree with it.

Cookies: Like all other popular website we also apply cookies for better functionality of our web site. Cookies are those data files that contain information and reside on user's hard drive. Website use this file to retain information of users preferred setting. In case you disabled it please enable it because You must need to enable it to use our website properly.

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