Terms & Conditions

The use of e cigarettes ant the website is controlled by the below conditions and terms .
In using this website and the e cigarettes, you have agreed to terms and conditions governing the product as well as the website.
The information on this website was placed here for the use of the general public and the e cigs users and therefore is exposed to changes at any given time.
The information placed on this website is vulnerable to error so we don't assure 100 % accuracy of the information.
All the risks associated with application and use of information on the website are wholly transfeffered to the user.
All the information content on this website including soundtracks, logos, animations and pictures are owned and managed by e cigs, therefore, any unauthorized transmittion, copying, transferring, distribution. Is punishable by the copyright laws and compensation may be expected.
Refund and return policy.
For all unsatisfied users' cigs offers a 30 day warranty which guarantees you your money back upon presenting the products to the dealer. Also, items and products damaged during transport can be refunded upon report of the loss to E cigarettes before 3:00 pm of the following day after reception of delivery.

The requirements for a refund are a refund form which the buyer must fill and return it with the order.
Faulty goods will only be refunded if only presented by the original buyer and from an authorized dealer.
Responsible use and conduct.
Throughout the usage period of e cigs, you are expected to display maturity and responsible usage's cigs will not be responsible for any damages or loss incurred throughout the use period.
The use of e cigs.
You are expected to follow all the manufactures instructions throughout the use of e cigs for better results and we are sure our product will work well for you

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