What Is An Electronic Cigarette And How It Works

ecigarette1An electronic cigarette is an electronic cigarette device meant to substitute and simulate tobacco inhaling. The e-cigarette is made up of a cartridge, an atomizer and a rechargeable battery. The electronic cigarette satisfies its users just as a tobacco cigarette but at the same time reduces risk involved in smoking. Some e-cigarettes combine the cartridge and atomizer while others are produced separately.

 In the cartridge, there is a liquid that contains nicotine and flavor. When turned on, the battery powers the atomizer which after getting hot vaporizes the liquid. The vapor produced is then inhaled by the smoker.

Electronic Cigarette Dangers and Side Effects

The advantage of smoking e-cigarette over tobacco cigarette is that the e-cigarette’s vapor does not contain toxins. There are over four thousand harmful toxins found in tobacco’s cigarettes. In an electronic cigarette, there is a solution containing nicotine, flavoring and propylene glycol which is simply a food additive and is safe for human consumption according to the world health organization. The e-cigarettes are cheap in the long run as the costs incurred are refilling of cartridges and replacement of atomizers.

What Is An Electric Cigarette


Prices of electronic cigarettes will vary fro one model to another. For a starter it is recommendable to buy a starter kit. This kit usually contains power adapters, spare atomizers and batteries. You need to spend some time looking for the best shop from which to purchase an electronic cigarette.

Cost To Use E Cigarette

You should note that e-cigarettes are not distributed like any tobacco cigarettes. You can buy tobacco cigarettes from online retailers and vendors such as e-bay and Amazon but e-cigarettes can only be purchased from certified dealers. Cartridges are refillable as they carry the liquid which is vaporized and inhaled. It is also necessary to change the atomizer as they become less efficient after using them for more than a month.

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